ATTENTION:   Introducing the INCREDIBLE Ruzu Bitters Business Opportunity. . .

"The Ruzu Bitters is an amazing
Herbal Wonder. It combines 3 key
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Dear Fellow Marketer,

I have a mouth-watering proposition for you today. . . Introducing the Ruzu Bitters Business Opportuniy!

We have 20 Million Nigerians who are Diabetic! Based on the African diet, diabetes is predicted to become an epidemic in a few more years. The cost of management is high, the drugs are not curative.

Weak erection is also a menace! The population of unsatisfied wives is also on the increase. High blood pressure management drugs weaken erectile functions. The population of those who have these challenges are more than people own up for.

Or is it typhoid? Malaria? High Blood pressure? Fibroid? Menstrual anomalies or sexually transmitted infections?

The market space for solving any of these problems is in the millions.

Money follows value! The more problems you can help people solve, the wealthier you can become. A2W is bringing you a life transforming product with quick effects. This is surely an opportunity to help people around you, live healthy lives, and also empower you to earn phenomenal income while attending to that.

The Amazing Ruzu Herbal Bitters is scientifically proven. . . It's Nature's Pure Marvel!

"I gave a bottle of Ruzu Herbal Bitters to a friend of mine who's mum had stroke. She was totally immobilized by the stroke. She can now move her limbs, talk and eat as well. She couldn't do all these before."

Phil Amakwe

"I now enjoy the bitter taste as I 'ruzurize' daily. I have personal testimony of the efficacy of Ruzu bitters for the treatment of arthritis which I've been suffering from for over 10 years! With Ruzu, I've been able to discontinue the use of the strong analgesics that had become a part of my life. Ruzu is goooood!!! "

Mrs Rotimi

"I introduced ruzu to an inlaw of mine n she kept calling me on it, she lives in palmgroove n when i told her i was going to get her d nearest contact to get d ruzu from in palmgroove she insisted she wanted to get from me. She was at my place yesterday n she told me her condition

She is 42,married, has 4 kids, d eldest 16yrs. She has been havn very painful periods for about a year and also clotty n heavy periods. She has been so disturbed. She was even supposed to see me on sunday but she couldnt because of the terrible pain she was having.

She called me 12noon today to tell me that d pain dissapeared just within 15mins of taking 20ml of ruzu by this morning no more clots n d flow reduced."

Kemi Popoola

"Hmmm Ruzu ruzu. I just received this testimony this morning from owerri. A friend's husband is diabetic and has a wound on his leg that refuse to go. I called her and told her about Ruzu bitters but she refused that they have used so many.

On my own I decided to give her 1 bottle free and I just called her now to know how far and she screamed my name kc IS have been looking your no to call you. How can you send me more bottles of Ruzu. That the wound is drying up and her husband is looking far better.

My joy here is not just the money but that I have brought solution to somebody's ill health and the joyous sound of my friend. Thank you lord Jesus!"

Kelechi Onuoha

"Ruzu bitters reduced my husband's abdominal excess fat. It also helps control pile."


"I am a sweet tooth so the bitter taste was a big turn off for me. I stopped taking Ruzu bitters after my first spoon, but haven heard a few friend's testimonies i decided to try it again and it wasn't funny. Within 3 days of consistent drinking Ruzu (a spoonful before bedtime) i noticed the back pain i used to have stopped and i feel lighter on the inside. So that positive experience made me to continue."


"The effect of the Ruzu bitters on pain is simply magical. I had a lower back and abdominal pains (menstrual pains) over a week ago. It was a packed day and i was just about in the middle of it. I was to coordinate a meeting in the next 1hr and this pain was increasing. I took 2 capfuls of the ruzu and went for my meeting. I didn't remember i ever had the pain until late at night. It was so gone, i had forgotten!

Secondly, i have a growth on my left hand, and i experience excruciating pain there from time to time. One night before sleeping, the pain was so bad. I applied a balm as usual, but just before i slept, i took the ruzu bitters. I woke up with most of the pain gone. Now i feel no pain.

My daughter also had a back pain recently and she refused to take the Ruzu drink because of its bitter taste. After Day 3 of the nagging pain, she succumbed to taking it. She told me excitedly the next day, "Mum, this Ruzu works o"!

I take Ruzu regularly to cleanse my system and stay healthy. Everyone and every home needs it! "


Our empowerment solution, a sure path to wealth. Be a part of adding real value to millions of lives!

Helping People
If you look at the list of ailments, and the potential of this amazing miracle, you'll easily see people around you that need your help. Ruzu Bitters is exclusively distributed by A2W, and offers you an opportunity to make health changes in the lives of your friends and loved ones. The testimonies are real, and the market is BIG!

Also you love to be involved in other people's success stories, there are not many businesses you can freely train others for without the fear of creating competition for yourself. A2W is one of those business models where those who bring sunshine to the lives of others, truly cannot keep it from themselves. In A2W as you help others succeed, you also succeed.

Leaving a Legacy
A2W gives you the opportunity to touch many lives, leaving positive feelings and vibes to ensure your good legacy lives on, long after you have gone.

Here, you interact with people on a win-win basis, resulting in a long term trusting relationship that will last a lifetime.

One of the biggest challenges we have is that as a nation we have only one major source of income. Empowering the middle to low income earning classes is one of the ways of building the nations economy.

Participating in products and services that have the capacity for export, working with others to form teams that can become strong for reinforcing each other and forming synergistic unions is a sure way forward!

A2W gives you the opportunity to do all this and more.

Extra Income
More than 80% of the everyday people we meet spend more than they earn.

Extra income is not a "nice to have", it is a MUST HAVE!

If you would like to have extra income that does not jeopardize your current income stream, then A2W is for you!

A2W is an ethical way to earn an extra income; keeping your current job and doing something that leverages on what you already have - Relationships.

Meeting New People
A wise person once said, that we are all the same people we were 5 years ago, except for the people we have met and the books we have read.

A2W offers you the opportunity to meet great people that you would not have met any other way. The structure of meetings, seminars, rallies, awards ceremonies and general meetings offer you the opportunity to come across fantastic people that can help you, and help your business.

In terms of building new relationships, A2W is priceless.

Enjoy Time Freedom
Research shows that children who grow up to become exceptional sports people have one thing in common – Parents that had time for them!

The greatest investment you can make in the lives of your children is not a more expensive school, is having their time.

A2W gives you an option to begin to plan towards this, and can become a viable sustaining option that allows you to finally be able to have time for your family and even yourself.

Personal Development
Empty Bags don't stand upright! To not know is bad, but to not even know that you don't know is worse!

In order to build the capacity to retain what you earn, you need to become better. We all need to develop ourselves, as what school offers as curriculum is far from enough.

A2W offers you the opportunity to learn by reading, learn by listening even participate in teaching others, and most importantly learn by experience. The value of personal development available in A2W is second to none!

Financial Freedom
Financial freedom means, I earn sufficient passive income to take care of my living expenses. It's the ideal destination for people who don't want to work themselves to death. As you work, you are meant to build assets that have the capacity to take care of you in your retirement. You can do this by cash or people leverage.

A2W gives you access to a phenomenal leverage platform that allows you to build a team of thousands of committed people, from a handful of them.

If financial freedom is your dream, there is no better opportunity than A2W.

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The efficacy of the Ruzu Herbal Bitters for solving real life problems and challenges is not guesswork. In just 1 month of actively driving the product, the testimonies have been unparalleled.


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